Top Fish and Chips in the World

Fish and chips taste best when eaten in their homeland of England; however, to truly experience it’s all about much more than just eating the food itself; it’s about creating an experience and mindset around this dish.

TikTok influencer recently claimed to have found the world’s finest fish and chips in Killybegs, Ireland – but is this accurate?

top fish and chips in the world

Ye Old King’s Head

Ye Old King’s Head in Los Angeles has long been known as an outpost of Brit culture, offering expats who miss their home country a place to drink on-tap brews while dining on classic British fare such as fish & chips, steak & mushroom pie and bangers and mash. Additionally, afternoon tea can also be found here.

This pub features the old-fashioned casual country inn feel with wood tables and bar stools reminiscent of an English country inn, ideal for tourists to experience this enjoyable destination. Additionally, its stone hearth blazes away during winter evenings for extra ambience!

Staff at this pub are friendly and accommodating; its bar offers an impressive selection of draft beers, absinthe and scotch whisky – ideal for watching your favorite team on one of many television screens – while its restaurant serves classic British dishes such as cod and shepherd’s pie alongside classic British desserts such as scones and sticky toffee pudding – making for an exceptional English breakfast experience!

The Fish Shack

Fish and chips is one of the ultimate classic dishes when it comes to fried fish, and many places across America have managed to perfect its recipe. It was originally popular among British residents but has made its way across the Atlantic.

The Fish Shack in Santa Monica provides an inviting takeaway option worth returning for. A true British pub, this eatery features authentic aesthetics and menu offerings such as cod or halibut with beer batter; thick-cut chippies make a classic European dining experience complete.

Portland’s proximity to both Columbia and Willamette rivers means there is an abundance of fresh ingredients. As such, it should come as no surprise that this Pacific Northwest metropolis hosts one of America’s best fish and chips restaurants: Horse Brass Pub’s fish and chips are said by one Foursquare user to be “so good!” featuring flavorful cod and crunchily crunch chips with creamy peas on top.

Marblehead Seafood Restaurant

Marblehead Chowder House of Easton, PA will expand into South Jersey this spring when they open at 1920 Burlington-Mount Holly Road in Westampton where the former Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse once stood. Under its ownership are also Red Lion Diner in Southampton and Monarch Diner in Glassboro with both offering cozy coastal ambience.

This restaurant pays homage to an iconic New England tavern that served local fishermen and ship builders after hard days’ work. Cod is an iconic New England marine fish which symbolizes safety and wealth; thus making its name perfect for an intimate seaside pub serving oysters, lobster rolls and hearty chowders.

Although The Sea House Restaurant is best-known for its seafood offerings, they also provide landlubbers with delicious dishes such as bone-in prime rib and filet mignon. Plus there’s a large selection of sides perfect for sharing. Finally for dessert they offer homemade key lime pie as well as boardwalk-style funnel cake sundae. As an active supporter of community fundraising initiatives they also actively donate towards fundraisers in their area.

The Horse Brass Pub

The Horse Brass Pub in Portland, Oregon has been around for more than four decades and is famous for its British-style pub atmosphere and food offerings such as traditional British dishes like Scotch Eggs and Bangers and Mash. Additionally, its cozy old-school atmosphere provides the ideal place for relaxation.

Horse Brass offers an expansive beer list, including over 50 beers on tap ranging from local microbrews and Belgian-style ales, British bitters and cask-conditioned beers. Service is friendly, prices are competitive and food tastes amazing; especially its popular fried halibut dish!

Guest have given this place high ratings and highly recommend it to others. The staff is helpful and friendly; food is delicious; draft beer is well-crafted; in addition to beverages this restaurant also provides delicious desserts like fruitcake and bread pudding; it is conveniently located close to Movie Madness Video and More where many stop after a day of shopping, where they can also order delicious coffee from this bar.

Pacific Inn Pub

Fish and chips is a classic British meal, best enjoyed with a cold beer. Consisting of battered and fried fish fillets served alongside chips (or fries), it can often be spiced up with some seasoning such as salt or vinegar for added flavour – the perfect pairing to share among friends for an enjoyable dinner experience!

Pacific Inn Pub can be found along the Stone Way between Fremont and Wallingford and is known for their delicious fish and chips. Offering cheap beer and a jukebox, this dive bar makes a perfect spot to spend quality time with your friends while sampling its delectable menu items.

Ale-battered fish is light and crispy, breaking apart when you bite it. To accompany it perfectly are thick-cut fries without even slight sogginess, coated with 16-spice tandoori seasoning blend that you will wish was more generously applied to them.

If you want the ultimate fish and chips experience, then visit this place. Their English-style batter has remained unchanged since opening 90 years ago. Their cod or haddock fish has a mild flavor with tender meat.