Fish & Chips Recipe

Fish and chips is a typical recipe of the English tradition and is one of the best known street food in the world served on every street corner throughout the United Kingdom. 

Fish & Chips History

An iconic street food of British cuisine, fish and chips have ancient and rather uncertain origins. History and curiosities about the most loved dish by the British.

Cheap as chips. It is one of the most popular English sayings. Low-cost, practical and very tasty, fish and chips is one of the most famous specialties in the United Kingdom, first a meal of the working classes and then exceptional street food sought after by all tourists. But how was the recipe born?

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Latest Article How To Recognize Fresh Fish

Let’s now discover some useful tips and tricks to understand when fish is fresh, not only when we buy it at the fish shop or at the market, but also when we cook it or have to eat it at the restaurant.

If the entrails are liquefied and the smell is unpleasant, it means that the fish is not from latest fishing. If you don’t want to eviscerate it yourself, have it done at the time of purchase, but ask to be able to watch while it carries out the operation, you have every right.

Street food becomes healthy

The cod is a simple fish and extraordinary nutritional properties.

Rich in proteins and vitamins of group B, associated with an important content of minerals including phosphorus, iodine, iron and calcium, cod has a white and delicate meat, easily digestible.

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