Fish and Chips Recipe

Fish and chips is a typical recipe of the English tradition and is one of the best known street food in the world served on every street corner throughout the United Kingdom. It combines a second dish of fish, generally cod fillets prepared in batter, served with a side of chips, that is, French fries cut into sticks, and accompanying sauces. Everyone has their favorite recipe but we prefer the Irish version according to which beer must be used to give the batter more intensity and crunchiness.

Fish and Chips: The Original English Recipe

EASY – 30 min.

FOR 4 People kcal 300


  • COD FILLETS 500 gr
  • POTATOES 500 gr – 750 kcal
  • TYPE 00 FLOUR 100 gr – 750 kcal
  • BEER 200 ml – 43  kcal
  • SEAQB – 286 kcal
  • BLACK PEPPER QB – 79 kcal
  • PEANUT OIL 500 ml – 690 kcal

The calories refer to 100 grams of product


Arrange the cod fillets on a plate and cover them with flour, making sure to cover the entire surface so as to absorb the excess moisture. Meanwhile wash the potatoes, peel them and cut them into wedges of the same size .

Fry the fries at 150 ° C for about 3 minutes in deep peanut oil. Drain the fries when they have softened but not yet colored and let cool. Then take care of the preparation of the batter by pouring the flour, salt, pepper and baking soda into a large bowl .

Gradually pour the beer, continuing to mix until you have obtained a semi-liquid consistency. Remove the excess flour and dip the cod fillets into the batter, then cook them in deep peanut oil for about two minutes per side. Bring the heat to high until it reaches a temperature of 190 ° C and cook the fries once again until colored.

Preparation tips

Covering the cod fillets with flour will cause excess moisture to be absorbed, otherwise you will have serious difficulties in getting the batter to stick to the fillets.

Cut the potatoes trying to always keep the same size in order to obtain uniform cooking.

Giving a first cooking at a not too high temperature will cause the heart to soften and that the higher temperature in the second cooking will cause a crispy crust: in this way you will have obtained crispy patitine outside and soft inside.

Adjust with the beer as you add it, checking the consistency: this must be semi-liquid, viscous.

The temperature of the oil must not be too high during the cooking of the cod to avoid that the batter immediately colors leaving the cod inside raw.

Adjust with the salt at the end only when you serve the fish and chips since over time the salt will soften the batter.