What Are The Health Benefits of Fish and Chips

Have you ever wondered about the health benefits of fish and chips? If you haven’t , then it’s about time that you learned more about the nutritional value of this type of food. More people are enjoying eating fish and chips because when they are homemade, they are healthier than fast food restaurants. But is


Key Information On SEO

People who are unfamiliar with SEO often make a lot of mistakes when trying to learn the basics on this topic. Keyword density matters. You will need to learn about keyword density. The density of keywords indicates how often certain keywords appear on a page. To have success with search engine optimization, you will have


How To Recognize Fresh Fish

Tips and tricks to recognize fresh fish not only in the fish market Let’s now discover some useful tips and tricks to understand when fish is fresh, not only when we buy it at the fish shop or at the market, but also when we cook it or have to eat it at the restaurant.

fish recipe

Fish and Chips Recipe

Fish and chips is a typical recipe of the English tradition and is one of the best known street food in the world served on every street corner throughout the United Kingdom. It combines a second dish of fish, generally cod fillets prepared in batter, served with a side of chips, that is, French fries


Responsible Fishing

For centuries we have gone out to sea to fish. An often dangerous undertaking, but also a fruitful occupation and a source of pride for fishermen. For our ancestors, life at sea was rich. The fish was plentiful and ready to be caught. Today we are all aware that this is no longer the case.