The Best Hangover Foods to Get in Glasgow

Awrite, let’s talk aboot the best hangover scran ye can nab in Glasgow!

This city’s no just famous for its braw nights oot, but for the hearty, soul-warming food perfect for the mornin’ after.

We’re gonnae take ye on a tour o’ Glasgow’s top spots to sort out that hangover. Think o’ the full Scottish breakfasts, the greasy spoons wi’ their fry-ups, and those warming bowls o’ soup that’ll set ye right. Glasgow’s got a load o’ places that’ll no just feed yer hunger but lift yer spirits too. So, let’s dive in and find oot where ye can fill yer boots with the best hangover food in town!

1. Irn Bru

when you’re feeling hungover, the temptation is strong to indulge in salty and fatty foods like fried eggs, takeout pizza or even some scoops of ice cream. But these will only wreak havoc on your stomach, making matters worse. Instead, opt for carb-heavy meals like toast or pasta which contain carbohydrates which help restore electrolyte levels as well as relieve nausea symptoms.

Irn Bru is Scotland’s national soft drink, second only to whisky. So fitting that the soft drink makes our list. The secret formula behind its creation has remained protected since only three people know of its formula; its brilliant orange hue comes from ferric ammonium citrate which adds bubblegum-esque flavors that set it apart from other soft drinks.

Even with its sugar content, Irn Bru has long been considered one of the best hangover remedies. Containing iron, this beverage may help ease symptoms by aiding your body in breaking down alcohol more quickly – legend even has it that Irn Bru is named after an old Scottish word meaning iron brew!

Cullen skink is an iconic dish in Glasgow and should not be missed on your visit to Scotland. Made with smoked haddock, potatoes and onions, this hearty soup can be found on many restaurant menus around Glasgow as both starter and main courses. Finnan haddie is preferred when available – any smoked haddock will do!

2. Bacon Butty

A bacon butty is an iconic Scottish hangover food, consisting of two slices of bread with bacon and ketchup sandwiched together between them. While not the healthiest choice, this filling snack provides delicious relief to help soothe headaches on-the-go and is widely available across Glasgow shops.

Oatmeal with honey can also help ease a hangover by providing high amounts of soluble fibre, which helps alleviate nausea and provide sustained energy release throughout the day. Furthermore, oatmeal is also rich in essential calcium, iron and magnesium nutrient sources necessary for overall good health.

If you are in a rush or don’t feel like cooking, a bacon and egg roll is a fast, convenient and tasty solution to hangover symptoms. Available at most cafes and restaurants throughout Glasgow, these rolls can usually be found with toast or rolls for easy consumption and provide all of the energy you need for the day ahead.

Cullen skink is another timeless Scottish hangover food and can be found at most restaurants throughout Glasgow. Made of smoked haddock, potatoes and onions, this hearty meal is the ideal comfort food on cold Glasgow days!

3. Stovies

Stovies are a hearty Scottish dish made up of potatoes, meat and onions. Although each recipe may differ slightly, Stovies generally take the form of a slow-cooker stew with big chunks of potatoes, carrots, onion and either beef or lamb (depending on your family recipe) cooked together until everything has softened to your desired texture and color. Originally, leftover Sunday roast meat would often be added; now though many also include slices or cuts of Lorne Sausage to enhance the meaty flavour.

Avoiding heavy, fatty food when you’re hungover is vital in order to alleviate stomach distress and make you feel better, and Glasgow makes this easy by offering plenty of veggie and vegan restaurants with tasty dishes available, not forgetting fantastic Indian cuisine options!

Salmon is another delectable and healthful choice that you can easily find at many bars and restaurants throughout Glasgow. Salmon provides omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals and very little fat compared to many other options – perfect for fighting hangovers with its nutritional punch! To enjoy it to its fullest, pair it with either salads, baked potatoes and vegetables for a delicious yet wholesome meal that will set off any palate’s senses!

4. Fried Breakfast

Fried breakfast is an irresistibly comforting post-party meal. A Scottish classic, often featuring bacon rolls or square sausage, this breakfast treat has also gained widespread renown elsewhere (particularly Canada where it is known as poutine), its combination of salty chips, gravy and curd cheese sure to ease any sore head.

Eggs are an all-time hangover food favourite; in fact, an analysis of the top 250 Instagram and TikTok posts featuring #hangoverfood revealed that 14% involved eggs. Glasgow offers several places that offer hearty fried breakfast dishes including Cafe Strange Brew and Partick Duck Club; for vegetarian-friendly alternatives visit Falafel To Go.

Cullen skink is an iconic Scottish soup combining smoked haddock with vegetables for an authentic Scottish experience. While traditionally finnan haddie is used, any variety of smoked haddock will do. You’re likely to find Cullen Skink on many menus in Glasgow!

Stereo on George Street offers delicious vegan burgers at an unbeatably reasonable price in an edgy music bar atmosphere, while DogHouse boasts all of the brisket and pulled pork you could ever need, while El Perro Negro serves some of the city’s most delectable burgers.